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As you've been studying the symbols in God's Geography, you may have noticed similarities between these and the ones in the zodiac. In fact, there are numerous similarities, and here I'll list as many as I can as not all of the geographical symbols have counterparts in the heavens. I encourage you to read books about the zodiac such as E.W. Bullinger's "The Witness of the Stars" to gain more insight into these symbols and God's creation.

Region Symbol Constellation
Africa Skull/Giant Orion


I disagree with Dr. Bullinger's assessment of this symbol. I believe it represents a giant. In particular because of the symbol at its feet which represents the enemy, and the Bull which is attacking Orion from above.

America Eagle Aquila


Australia and New Zealand Dog The Dogs

The Dogs

Caspian Sea


Central America Snake Hydra the Sea-serpent


Cuba Scorpion Scorpio


Falkland Islands Wolf/Victim Lupus/Victima/Centaurus


Germany, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden Serpent and Crown Serpens and Corona the Crown

Serpens and Corona

Greenland Horse/Wing Pegasus


Iceland Deer/Ship Gemini/Argo


India Gorilla Aquarius


To make the comparison between the gorilla and Aquarius, focus on the belly of the gorilla, and water flowing from Aquarius.

Italy Boot Perseus and Auriga (The Waggoner)

Perseus and Auriga

Look for comparisons between Italy's toe and Auriga's heel, and between Sicily and the head of Medusa held by Perseus. I think the wings on Perseus' feet correspond to Corsica and Sardinia.

Japan Dragon Draco


Korea Rabbit Lepus the Hare


Malta Whale Cetus the Whale

Cetus the Whale

Philippines and Taiwan Fishes Pisces the Fishes

Pisces the Fishes

Russia Goat Capricorn


South America Vulture Corvus the Crow

Corvus the Crow

Turkey Bull Taurus the Bull

Taurus the Bull

United Kingdom and Ireland Lion Leo the Lion

Leo the Lion

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